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“There is more freedom in confessing our weaknesses and shortcomings than in pretending we have it all together”

- Lecrae 

F.L.A.B - FLY LIKE A BIRD is a fashion and lifestyle brand from Germany, Duesseldorf, which was founded in June 2012 by the passionate Designer Henry Bonsu. In August 2018 the dream turned into a real company by the official trade registration. 

F.L.A.B represents Freedom, Solidarity and Gratitude, which is also reflected by the company's mission statement and brand name (Fly Like A Bird). The corporate philosophy creates a community where everyone is welcome, regardless of their skin color, gender, origin, and other stigmas. 

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Through the the usage of uniqe ethnic textiles from different cultures and ethnicities F.L.A.B offers its consumers a sense of home and identification.

F.L.A.B stands for outstanding and unique designs, which are characterized by a high degree of creativity. In particular, the visualization of the collections conveys an inspiring message and story.


F.L.A.B's collections symbolize the multicultural diversity of our beautiful and colorful world. The collections appeal especially to young people who want to stand out from the "mainstream fashion world".

F.L.A.B aims to make a difference in an dreary and monotonous streetwear industry.

The goal is on the one hand, to realize a childhood dream of becoming an influential fashion brand and, on the other hand, to sustainably revolutionize the fashion world with ethnic fabrics by setting a new trend that combines fashion and culture.

The fashion and lifestyle brand penetrates into a market niche with its clothing, which explicitly stands out from the competition in the streetwear segment due to the finishing of the garments with high-quality and unique textile fabrics.

The unique feature about F.L.A.B's clothing is the combination of American/European streetwear and ethnic fabrics from various countries and cultures such as Ghana, Brazil and Turkey.

These fabrics are sewn in different colors, patterns and designs on the basis of raw models and acquire their unmistakable "Fly Like A Bird" touch.